Move to LibWizard v2!

We've rewritten LibWizard from the ground up to create a better experience for everyone! LibWizard v2 addresses issues and pain points from v1 and brings improvements to the Assessments/Tutorials module.

For those of you who have moved other apps from v1 to v2, please take note: This one is completely different. How?

  • There is no migration of your data. Your data stays put, we just point you to the new code to create content, edit existing content, and view reports.
  • There is no prep work for you to do. It's a seamless process; you tell us when you want to start using v2, we make it happen.
  • You don't have to learn a whole new system. It's the LibWizard you're used to, but with fixes and some new functionality. A new base for us to build upon, but familiar to all.

Moving to v2 is free - it is simply an updated code base that everyone will use moving forward. (As of the end of 2019. More on dates in the "Moving to v2" section below.)

There's no reason not to move!

Preview System

Every LibWizard site has access to a Preview system: a place to go check out what the system looks like, try out the new features, etc. This is also where you will request the date for your live system to move to v2.

Look on your current LibWizard Dashboard for a link to your Preview system.

Preview site link shown on the v1 Dashboard.

  • This Preview site is not connected to either your live v1 site OR your future live v2 site.
  • This site was populated with a copy of your content from March 1, 2019 for the sole purpose of seeing how your system will look & work before committing to changing to v2.
  • Anything you add to or modify in this preview site will be deleted once the preview period is over (i.e., when you move to v2).
  • Nothing from this Preview site will be moved, copied, or migrated to your live v2 site.
    • If you add something here that you want to use in your live system later, you'll need to make note of what you did and add it to your live system once it's been moved to v2.
    • You will not have access to the Preview site once you have gone live with v2, so please be sure to make notes of any changes or additions you want to use in your live system.

We've added warnings on both the admin and public sides of the Preview site that remind you that you are using the Preview site vs. your live site. These warnings will not appear on your live v2 site.

Admin Side Preview Site Warnings:

At the top of every page:

Message at the top of every admin page.

When creating new items:

Warning at the top of the modal and a checkbox acknowledging deletion of all assets once you've gone live with v2.

Public Side Preview Site Warnings:

Warning at the top of the live page for the item and checkbox acknowledgement that all data will be deleted once you're live with v2.

Moving to LibWizard v2

The system is familiar, yet new. You're excited to start using the new functionality. You are ready. what? Choose a date you want to start using v2 live and have an Admin submit the request!

Once again, moving to LibWizard v2 is a free update.

  1. Log into your LibWizard v2 Preview site (link is on your LibWizard v1 Dashboard).
  2. Click the link to Schedule your LibWizard v2 Go Live Date.
    Dashboard note area that contains the link for Admins to schedule the move to v2.
  3. Select a date:
    • Earliest date is Monday, April 15, 2019.
    • M-F only, U.S. Eastern time, excluding U.S. holidays.
    • Last selectable date to schedule your move: December 31, 2019.
  4. Additional Emails to be Notified: We'll automatically send the user who scheduled the move an email when the move is complete. If you'd like others to be notified when the move is complete, add their emails here, separated by spaces.
  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Available dates are M-F U.S. Eastern time, excluding U.S. holidays.

Once your site is live with v2, you will no longer have access to your v1 site or your Preview site.

Form for scheduling your move to LibWizard v2.

All sites will be moved to LibWizard v2 by December 31, 2019.
If you do not select a go live date before December 20, 2019, we will automatically schedule your site and move you to LibWizard v2 by December 31, 2019.

Need to Change Your Requested Move Date?

  1. Go to your Preview site & click the Schedule your LibWizard v2 Go Live date link.
  2. Click the Cancel Pending Go-Live Request button at the bottom of the page.
  3. Check the Confirm box, and click the Confirm button.
  4. Select a new date, add additional notification emails if you wish, and click Submit.

Does Your Site URL Use

If so, your domain will change slightly when moving to LibWizard v2: instead of, you'll use

If your domain contains, this section does not apply to you.

Back in 2016, we changed the name of the LibSurveys tool to LibWizard because we went beyond the idea of a Form or Survey by incorporating Quizzes and Tutorials. At that time, we also changed the domain we used for new systems from to We did not require existing customers to change their domain at the time, but with the release of v2, it's time to bring everyone up to date with the LibWizard name.

You do not need to lift a finger in this domain change process - we'll take care of everything!

  • We will update your domain as part of the v2 go live process.
  • We will put redirects in place from your URL to your URL.
  • These redirects will not be in place forever, though they will be there for several months to allow you the time to update any and all links to / widgets from your system, forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials.

What's New in v2?

  • Stronger security with HTTPS and HSTS.
  • File upload sizes have new maximums: LibWizard Lite: 20MB / LibWizard: 100MB
  • Double click a field type to automatically add it as the last item in your Form / Survey / Quiz / Tutorial.
  • One-Line Text Input, Textarea Input, and Numeric Input fields now have a Placeholder text field, where you can add helpful instructions on what you're expecting in that field. Text entered here will not be submitted with the response; it is simply a way to provide on-screen tips for formatting / what is expected in that field.
  • If you have added a Redirect URL and are also using a Thank You screen and/or the Retake option, the system will wait 5 seconds before redirecting the user to that URL.
  • Field Rules improvements:
    • The Grid option can be used with an IF condition (IF any column equals this answer, then...).
    • File uploads can be used as an IF condition (IF a file is uploaded ["has file"], then...).
  • Reusing questions has an improved UI, including filtering by type and searching.
  • Quizzes:
    • If the Quiz has a time limit and that limit expires, users can submit what they completed in that timeframe.
    • There is now a CSS field for styling your Quiz.
  • Tutorials:
    • The UI has been updated to match the rest of the system and provide a consistent experience no matter which area you're working in.
    • A Preview is available at the top of the workpad, which you can expand and collapse as you wish.
    • Standalone Tutorials: When using the "website / URL" option, the system now offers help text / warnings / options when sites are set to not allow display via iframes.
      • If a site cannot be displayed in an iframe, the user sees a note to that effect and is given the URL, which opens in a new window.
      • When looking at the tutorial screen (to read instruction / answer questions), there is a button on the page to bring the other window into view, to more easily move back and forth between the tutorial and the website.
    • Embedded Tutorials have a single slide, which allows you to add the website or guide it will be embedded on, for preview purposes. (You'll see how/where the tutorial widget displays on that page.)
  • Friendly URLs are changing to include a new path. All existing friendly URLs will continue to work and are redirected to the new path. For example, becomes
  • System Settings > Misc now includes more options for date format; Time Zone is now pulled in from your LibApps > Admin > Customer Record information.


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