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System Settings: Customize the system date format and system time format

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The System Date Format and System Time Format are used to set the format used to record the date and time of any submissions made to your system as well as the format of the Created column when viewing the Forms/Surveys/Quizzes/Tutorials pages.

To set the date and time format:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Click on the Misc. tab.
  3. Change the System Date Format field as needed. Formats that can be used are:
    • MM/DD/YY (01/21/19)
    • DD/MM/YY (21/01/19)
    • DD-MM-YY (21-01-19)
    • YYYY-MM-DD (2019-01-21)
    • MM/DD/YYYY (12/01/2019)
    • Mmm DD, YYYY (Dec 21, 2019)
    • DD Mmm YYYY (21 Dec 2019)
  4. Change the System Time Format field as need. Formats that can be used are:
    • 24 Hour (23:30)
    • AM/PM (11:30 PM)
  5. Click the Save button.