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Look & Feel: Use the rich text editor in Text Block fields, Welcome & Thank You screens, and Custom Content tutorial slides

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When editing the text inside of the following elements, you'll have access to a full set of the rich text editing tools:

Below you'll find an overview of the rich text editor's features that are available when working in those elements.

Style & text formatting tools

  1. Styles: these are block styles that you can use to draw attention to text. Highlight your text and select one of the preset styles to apply it.
  2. Paragraph format: use these options to insert different levels of heading text.
    • Remember: although headings do have their own styles, their primary purpose is to structure the hierarchy of content on a page. This in turn affects the accessibility of a page for users of screen readers.
    • If you simply want to make text bigger, therefore, please use the Size options instead.
  3. Font: select from one of the available font styles to apply to your highlighted text, such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  4. Size: select a font size to apply to your highlighted text.
  5. Text color: select a color to apply to your highlighted text.
  6. Text background color: select a background color to apply to your highlighted text.
  7. Bold: make your highlighted text bold.
  8. Italic: make your highlighted text italicized.
  9. Underline: make your highlighted text underlined.
  10. Strikethrough: apply a strikethrough to your highlighted text.
  11. Clear formats: clear all formatting from your highlighted text.
The rich text editor's style & formatting tools

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Copy & paste tools

  1. Cut: cut highlighted text from the editor.
  2. Copy: copy highlighted text in the editor.
  3. Paste: paste text from the clipboard using the source's formatting. This means any styles applied to the text will be pasted, as well.
    • This is generally not recommended unless you are copying plain text or text from elsewhere in your rich text editor.
    • Copying text from other web pages, Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, etc., will typically include that text's styles and formats.
    • The rich text editor will attempt to retain those styles, but this often leads to complex inline styles in the underlying HTML. This can make it difficult to edit that pasted text in the text editor.
  4. Paste as Plain Text: use this option to paste only text currently in the clipboard. Any styles from the source text will not be applied.
    • If you're having trouble with the formatting of pasted text, use this option to paste the plain text. You can then use the rich text editor's tools to format it.
  5. Paste from Word: paste text from the clipboard using the destination's formatting. This means the rich text editor will attempt to convert the copied styles into a more web-friendly format, using its own styles.
    • This is strongly recommended when pasting text from outside of the rich text editor, including other webpages, Microsoft Word, PDFs, etc.
  6. Undo: revert the most recent change from the current session.
  7. Redo: if you undid a change, this will restore it.
The rich text editors' copy, paste, and undo tools

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Paragraph alignment & lists

  1. Left align: apply left paragraph alignment to the selected text.
  2. Center align: apply center paragraph alignment to the selected text.
  3. Right align: apply right paragraph alignment to the selected text.
  4. Justify: apply justified alignment to the selected text.
  5. Numbered list: create a ordered list. Right-click on your list to view additional formatting options.
  6. Bulleted list: create an unordered list. Right-click on your list to view additional formatting options.
  7. Decrease indent: decrease the indentation of the selected text (i.e. shift to the left). Use with lists to promote a list item.
  8. Increase indent: increase the indentation of the selected text (i.e. shift to the right). Use with lists to demote a list item.
  9. Block quote: turn the selected text into a block quotation.
The rich text editor's paragraph alignment and list options

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  1. Insert link: turn highlighted text into a clickable link. Right-click on a link to edit it.
  2. Remove link: click or highlight linked text, then click this button to remove the link (the text will still remain).
  3. Insert anchor: insert an anchor where your cursor is placed (a small red flag icon will indicate the placement of the anchor in your text). When inserting a link, you will be able to select the anchor as the destination. Right-click on an anchor to edit it.
The rich text editor's link and anchor options

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Insert images, tables, & other content

  1. Insert image: upload and insert an image from your LibApps Image Manager library. Right-click on an inserted image to edit its dimensions, alt text, and other details.
  2. Insert table: insert a table. Right-click on your table to view additional formatting options, as well as add/delete rows, columns, and cells.
  3. Insert horizontal line: insert a horizontal line (i.e. <hr /> element) to help visually separate your content.
  4. Insert special character: insert a special character in your text. You will be presented with a selection of supported characters to choose from.
  5. Insert IFrame: allows you to display a URL inside of an inline frame (<iframe>).
  6. Insert collapsible box: insert a panel that shows/hides content when you click on its header. When collapsed, only the header displays. When expanded, the box's contents will display below the header (see example in the screenshot above).
The rich text editor's options to insert images, tables, media, lines, special characters, and collapsible boxes

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Text editor modes

  1. Spell checker: turn the built-in Spell Check As You Type (SCAYT) feature on or off.
  2. Maximize: click to expand the text editor to the full size of the page. Click again to return to the default size.
  3. Source: click to switch to the source code view, where you can view and edit the underlying HTML code for your text. Recommended only for advanced users.
The rich text editor's spell check, maximize, and source buttons

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