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Tutorials: Add custom JavaScript code to a tutorial

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If enabled in your LibWizard system settings, certain users are allowed to add custom JavaScript (JS) code to a tutorial. Admin-level users will always have the ability to add or edit a tutorial's custom JS code, but they can also extend this to users with Edit permission to that tutorial, as well.

  1. While editing your tutorial, go to the Tutorial Options tab next to the Slide Area.
  2. Click on the Advanced panel to expand it.
    • If you do not see the fields below under the Advanced panel, this means custom JavaScript has not been enabled in your system settings.
    • If you do see the fields below, but they are disabled, then this means you do not have permission to add custom JavaScript to the tutorial.
  3. Use the Custom Javascript text box to add custom code to the tutorial (do not include <script></script> tags). This field has a maximum of 10,240 characters.
  4. You can also link to an external JavaScript file, as well. Simply enter its full URL in the External Javascript File field.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
The Custom Javascript and External Javascript File options