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System Settings: Enable the LibAuth integration for your LibWizard system

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LibAuth allows you to integrate your institution's authentication system (i.e. SAML, Shibboleth, ADFS, CAS) with LibApps. This not only provides library staff with an additional option for logging into LibApps, but it also allows you to require patron authentication in your Springy tools. Check out our list of supported authentication systems to learn more.

With the LibAuth integration with LibWizard, you can restrict access to specific forms, surveys, quizzes, or tutorials to authenticated users only. For example, you could use the LibAuth integration to restrict access to purchase request, interlibrary loan, or other forms just to your institution's users.

Before you begin

In order to set up the LibAuth integration in LibWizard, your LibApps Admin(s) must first add at least one configuration to your LibAuth settings. For more info, please see our list of supported authentication systems. There, you'll find a list of each type of authentication system you can connect to LibAuth, along with links to our setup documentation for each one.

Keep in mind that a LibWizard Admin user may not necessarily be a LibApps Admin, too (you can see a list of your system's Admins by navigating to your LibApps dashboard).

Configure the LibAuth integration in LibWizard

Once you have LibAuth set up in your LibApps settings, a LibWizard Admin user can enable and configure the integration with LibWizard.

  1. Log into LibWizard and go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Switch the Enabled LibAuth Integration option to Enabled.
  4. From the Select configurations to enable list, select the systems you want to use with LibWizard.
    • Many institutions only have a single LibAuth configuration set up, so don't worry if there's only one appearing in the list.
    • If you have more than one set up for your institution, use CTRL + click to select more than one (or click the Enable All button to select all of them at once).
    • If no LibAuth configurations are listed, check with your LibApps Admin(s) for help with setting up LibAuth.
  5. Click the Save button.
enabling the LibAuth system setting

Restrict access to a form, survey, quiz, or tutorial

After the LibAuth integration has been enabled, content owners and editors will be able to turn on the LibAuth restrictions for their forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials.

When enabled, this will require users to authenticate via LibAuth before they can view the form, survey, quiz, or tutorial's public page. This restriction does not apply to editing, or viewing the report for, a form, survey, quiz, or tutorial (for that, continue to use the permissions settings).