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Fields: Spacers

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Spacers allow you to add white space between your fields. This can be helpful if you want to visually spread out your questions if they appear too close together.

Example of a spacer
Example of a spacer added to a form

Display properties

  1. Short Name: a label for your spacer as it appears on the workpad. This does not display on the public form or survey.
  2. Height: the height of the spacer, in pixels (e.g. 50px).
Display properties for a spacer

Advanced Customization

  1. Group ID: field groups allow you to show or hide multiple fields at once using field rules.
    • To add a new group, click the Add Group button, give the group a name, and save.
    • Otherwise, choose an existing group from the dropdown menu.
  2. CSS: you can customize the appearance of this field by adding CSS code. Enter only the CSS properties (such as background-color: red;); do not add selectors or <style> tags.
Example of advanced customization options for a spacer