Using field rules to hide visible fields

You can use field rules to hide visible fields in your survey or quiz. This is a really great way to hide fields when they are not relevant to the user. Field rules can either hide a single visible field, or an entire group of visible fields, based upon a user's response to a specific question.

Step 1. Set up your field groups (optional)

If you want a field rule to hide multiple visible fields at one time, you can do this by placing those fields into a single group. You can have multiple groups in your quiz or survey, but each field can only belong to one group at a time.

  1. Edit your field, or create a new one.
  2. Click on the field's Advanced Customization tab.
  3. Use the Group ID to assign this field to a group.
    • If you have not yet created any groups in your survey or quiz, click the Add Group button to create a new one.
    • Otherwise, select one of the existing groups from the dropdown menu. You can select from any group that has been created in that survey or quiz.
  4. Save your changes.

Fields assigned to a group will display a group () icon in the workpad.

Adding a field to a group

A grouped field in the workpad

Step 2. Create your field rule

  1. Click on the Add/Edit field rules button under the Fields tab.
  2. Click on the Add Rule button.
  3. For the If row:
    1. From the first dropdown, select the field that will trigger the field rule.
    2. From the second dropdown, select the logic to use.
    3. From the third dropdown, select the value that the user must select in that field to trigger the rule.
  4. For the Then row:
    1. Select Hide from the first dropdown.
    2. From the second dropdown, select field or group that you want to hide. (Groups will display at the bottom of the list of fields.)
  5. Save your changes.

Adding a field rule, part 1 

Adding a field rule, part 2 

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