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Editing, reordering, and deleting fields in a form, survey, or quiz

Editing & deleting fields

  1. To edit a field, you can either:
    • Click on the field's Edit () icon
    • Or, double-click on the field itself
  2. To delete a field, click on its Delete () icon
Caution: when you a delete a field, you also permanently delete its submission data so be careful!

Options for editing and deleting a field

Understanding field icons

  1. Grouped fields: if a field belongs to a group, it will display an object group () icon.
  2. Required fields: if a field is required, it will display a checkmark () icon.
  3. Hidden fields: if a field is currently hidden, it will display a slashed eye () icon.
  4. No question text: if no question text has been added to the field, it will display an alert () icon.

Example of required, grouped, and hidden fields

Reordering fields

Via drag-and-drop

  1. Click on the field's Move Field () icon and drag the field up or down the workpad.
  2. Drop the field into the new position.
  3. Save your changes.

Reordering a field using drag and drop

Via each field's position menu

You can also reorder a field by using its Position dropdown menu. Simply click on it, select a new position from the list, and the workpad will update automatically.

Reordering a field using the position dropdown

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