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Look & Feel: Customize the Welcome & Thank You Screens

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Each form, survey, quiz, and tutorial has an optional Welcome Screen and Thank You Screen that can display before users begin and once a user has submitted. These screens are managed for each individual form, survey, quiz, and tutorial.

The setup of the Thank You screen also includes options for allowing the user to request a copy of their submission, to retake the form/survey/quiz/tutorial, and view their grade/correct answers (quizzes and tutorials only).

Customize the Welcome Screen

The Welcome Screen can be used to provide an introduction or instructions for completing and submitting the form.

Example of a welcome message
Example of a Welcome Screen

To add a customized Welcome Screen:

  1. While editing the form, survey, quiz, or tutorial, click on the "Welcome Screen" section at the top of the workpad.
Clicking to edit the Welcome Screen
  1. ​In the Welcome Message Text box, add your custom text using the rich text editor.
    • Want to remove your current welcome screen? Simply delete all of the content in the rich text editor.
  2. If you'd like to customize the text of the "Begin" button (which users click to proceed to form, survey, quiz, or tutorial), enter new text in the 'Begin' button label field.
  3. Click the Save button.
Editing the welcome screen text and options

Customize the Thank You Screen

Including a Thank You Screen message can be helpful if you want to acknowledge the user's feedback, let them know when to expect a response, or other useful information. 

You can give them the option to request an email containing a copy of their submission. Once they submit the form, they will be prompted to enter one or more email addresses to receive the notification (separate multiple email addresses with a comma). Otherwise, they can continue on to the end of the form.

Additionally, you can give them the option of completing the form again.

  • If your form has a customized Thank You message, then a button will display below it allowing them to retake the form.
  • If your form does not have a customized Thank You message, a generic message will display with a button below it allowing them to retake the form.
Example Thank You screen
Example of a Thank You Screen

To customize your form's Thank You Screen:

  1. While editing your form, survey, quiz, or tutorial, click on the "Thank You Screen" section in the Workpad.
Clicking to edit the Thank You Screen
  1. ​In the text box, use the rich text editor to add or edit your thank you message.
  2. Select the checkbox labeled Email the user the results of the form if you want to allow the user to send their submission to an email address of their choosing.
  3. ​Select the checkbox labeled Display a button at end allow users to retake the form if you want to allow the user to take the form, survey, quiz, or tutorial again.
    1. To customize the button's text, use the field labeled The Text to display on the 'retake' button.
  4. Click the Save button.
Customizing the thank you message text