Allowing users to request an email of their form submissions

When a user submits a form, survey, quiz, or tutorial, you can give them the option to request an email containing a copy of their submission. Once they submit the form, they will be prompted to enter one or more email addresses to receive the notification (separate multiple email addresses with a comma). Otherwise, they can continue on to the end of the form.

To enable email notifications for users:

  1. While editing the form, survey, quiz, or tutorial, click on the "Thank You Screen" section in the Workpad.

Clicking to edit the Thank You Screen

  1. In the Thank You Screen window, select the checkbox labeled Email the user the results of the form.
  2. Click the Save button.

Selecting the option to email users the results of the form 


Below is an example of the prompt users receive to request an email of their submissions. Users can enter multiple email addresses, separated by a comma.

Example of prompt to request an email copy of a submission

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