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Tutorials: Customize the width of a standalone tutorial's question column

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Each standalone tutorial you create is split into two columns:

  • The first is the question column, which can contain descriptions and instructions in addition to questions -- basically, it's your narrative for the main content of your tutorial.
  • The second is the main content column, which is where the embedded website, LibGuide, etc. displays.
Example of a standalone tutorial with the question column highlighted
Example of a standalone tutorial with the question column highlighted

You can customize the width of the question column as needed to better accommodate your content.

  1. While editing your tutorial, under the Tutorial Options tab, click on the Tutorial/Assessment Options panel to expand it.
  2. For the Question Column width option, select how you want to define the column's width.
    1. Fixed pixel width: when this option is selected, you can define an exact width in pixels. Enter the value in the Fixed Pixel Width field (e.g. 400px). The question column will appear at this width regardless of screen size, so keep that in mind as you determine the best width to use.
    2. Relative width to slide content: instead of defining an exact width, you can assign a percentage width to the question column, allowing it to scale to the size of the browser window. Drag the slider left to decrease the width or right to increase it. (The current sizes will display below the slider -- "Q" for the Question Column and "S" for the Slide Content.)
  3. Click the Save Changes button at the top of the page.
The custom question column width