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Settings: Enable & send follow-up surveys after completed pickups

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If you would like to gather feedback from patrons about their service using Pickup Manager, you can enable automatic follow-up surveys.

When enabled, Pickup Manager will automatically send each patron an email once their pickup ticket has been marked as complete. The email will contain a link to the follow-up survey page, where users can rate their service on a scale of 1 to 5 and provide more detailed comments if desired.

Responses to the feedback form will be included with each ticket on the Completed page in Pickup Manager, where you can search & browse all completed pickup tickets. You can also view an overall distribution of ratings in the Ratings Summary report, found on the Statistics page.

Accessing the Follow-Up Survey settings

Navigate to Pickup Manager by clicking on the blue Spring-To menu and selecting Pickup Manager from your list of sites.

the Pickup Manager link in the Spring To menu

To enable and customize the follow-up survey in Pickup Manager, click on the Settings menu and select Follow-Up Survey from the dropdown.

the Follow-up Survey option under the Settings menu

The sections below will cover the settings found under the Follow-Up Survey tab of your Pickup Manager settings. To customize the email template used for generating follow-up survey notifications, check out the User Satisfaction Email settings under the Email tab.

Survey Settings: enable & customize the follow-up survey

In the Survey Settings panel, you will find the following options for enabling follow-up surveys and customizing the survey page:

the survey settings options

  1. Send Follow-up Surveys: to enable follow-up surveys, set this to Yes. When set to No, follow-up survey emails will not be sent.
  2. Survey Title: the text in this field will serve as the heading on the follow-up survey page.
  3. Introductory Text: the text in this field will display below the survey title. This is a good place to provide brief instructions for patrons.
  4. Rating Field: the text in this field will display as the label of the survey's rating field. The ratings field presents a scale of 5 radio buttons, with 5 being the highest rating.
  5. Comment Field: the text in this field will display as the label of the survey's comment field. The comment field is a multi-line text area, allowing patrons to provide more detailed feedback.
  6. Success Message: the text in this field will appear on the follow-up survey page after the patron successfully submits their feedback.

After modifying any of the above settings, click on its Save button.

Survey Preview

If you would like to see how the follow-up survey page will appear to patrons, check out the Survey Preview panel. Changes you make to your survey settings will update in real-time.

the Survey Preview panel