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Settings: Create reusable text macros for replying to arrived patrons

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When a patron has arrived for their scheduled pickup time, they can send a notification to branch staff via SMS or using Pickup Manager's online chat feature.

Branch staff can send messages back to the patron right from the Pickup Manager dashboard. To make this process quicker and easier for staff, you can create reusable text macros. These are pre-written responses that staff can select from when drafting a reply. They can send a macro as-is, or they can add or edit text as before sending the message.

For example, after a patron arrives and sends a notification message, you might send a response to let them know you're getting their items ready & will be out soon. Instead of having to manually type this over and over for each ticket, you could select a pre-written macro instead. Not only does this save time, it also allows lets you provide consistent and clear communication to each patron.

Accessing your Macros settings

Navigate to Pickup Manager by clicking on the blue Spring-To menu and selecting Pickup Manager from your list of sites.

the Pickup Manager link in the Spring To menu

To add, edit, or delete macros in Pickup Manager, click on the Settings menu and select Macros from the dropdown.

the Macros option under the Settings menu

Create or edit a macro

  1. Under the Macros tab, click on the Create a Macro button.
    1. Or, to modify an existing macro, click on its Edit () icon in the Actions column.

the Create a Macro button under the Macros tab

  1. In the Add/Edit Macro modal window, use the Branch dropdown to choose which branch should have access to this macro. To make it available to all branches, select the System-wide option.

the Add/Edit Macro modal window

  1. In the Title field, enter a brief but descriptive name for this macro. This is how staff will identify the macro when sending a reply and will not be sent to the patron.
  2. In the Text field, enter a plain-text message to send to the patron (maximum of 320 characters).
  3. From the Set Status to dropdown, choose whether to update the status of a pickup ticket when sending this macro. If you do not want to update a ticket's status (i.e. only send a message to the patron), select the --Do Not Change Status-- option. Otherwise, select a status option to apply.
  4. Click the Submit button to save your changes.

View a macro

To quickly view a macro's text, click on its View () icon in the Actions column. The View Macro modal window will appear, showing the macro's title, branch, status, and text.

the View Macro modal window

Delete a macro

To permanently delete a macro, click on its Trashcan () icon in the Actions column. The Delete Macro modal window will appear, showing the macro's details and prompting you to confirm that you want to delete it. Only click the Yes, I'm sure button if you want to proceed. This cannot be undone, so please be careful!

the Delete Macro modal