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Pickups: Browse completed pickups & patron feedback

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All completed pickups (those that have been picked up by a user and marked as "Complete") can be viewed under the Completed page in Pickup Manager. If you have follow-up surveys enabled, this is where you can also see the ratings and comments provided by patrons.

Viewing completed pickups

Navigate to Pickup Manager by clicking on the blue Spring-To menu and selecting Pickup Manager from your list of sites.

the Pickup Manager link in the Spring To menu

To view the details of your completed pickups, including ratings and comments, click on Completed from the command bar.

The Completed menu from the command bar

Filtering your completed pickups

Use the filters at the top of the page to narrow the results of the pickups that you want to view.

  1. Branch: use this field to filter to the pickups for a specific Branch. Select "All Selected" to include pickups from any branch.
  2. From and To: use these date fields to filter pickups by their scheduled pickup dates, using the From field to specify a start date and the To field to specify an end date.

The Statistics filters

Managing completed pickups

The Completed Pickups page lists all pickups which have been completed, i.e. picked up by a user and marked as "Complete". For these pickups you can:

  1. Use the Search box to filter the list of tickets by patron name, pickup spot, scheduled time, or picked up time.
  2. If there are multiple pages of tickets, you can use the pagination buttons to navigate between them.
  3. Click on the View Patron Info () icon next to a patron's name to view their contact information and other details provided in the LibCal booking form submission.
  4. If you would like to send the patron an SMS message to the mobile number they provided, click on the View/Send Messages link in the Messages column.
  5. The Rating column will list the rating given, if one has been given, in the follow-up survey for the pickup.
  6. Any feedback left by the patron in the follow-survey will be listed in the Comment column.
  7. Click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column to edit the patron's information, or the status of the ticket.
  8. Click on the Delete () icon in the Actions column to permanently delete the ticket. You will be prompted to confirm before the ticket is actually deleted. (This cannot be undone, so please be careful!)

the Completed pickups page