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Settings: General Pickup Manager settings

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As part of the process for checking out pickup tickets, you can choose to automatically check out any holds from your ILS that are associated with the ticket. If your workflow requires that you check out the holds in your ILS prior to processing pickups, you can opt to disable the automatic prompt for these holds with the Checkout Settings option in your systems Pickup Manager Settings

Accessing the General settings

Navigate to Pickup Manager by clicking on the blue Spring-To menu and selecting Pickup Manager from your list of sites.

the Pickup Manager link in the Spring To menu

Once in Pickup Manager, click on the Settings menu and select General from the dropdown.

the General option under the Settings menu

Checkout Settings

To enable the prompt for checkout during Mark as Complete:

  1. In the Checkout Settings panel, set the Prompt for Checkout during Mark as Complete field to Yes.
    • When this field is set to No, users checking out pickup tickets will not see any prompt for checking out related holds from the ILS.
  2. Click the Save button.
the prompt for checkout setting