How to use LibCal billing to collect and manage payments

If you charge patrons for events and/or space bookings, you can use LibCal's billing functionality to allow them to quickly, easily, and securely pay online during the registration or booking process. By connecting to a third-party payment processor, you will be able to collect credit card payments and deposit them into your library's merchant account. All charges, payments, and refunds are tracked automatically in LibCal so you can easily see the payment history for all billed bookings and event registrations.

Please note: to ensure a smooth experience, billing functionality will be released to all users with a paid LibCal subscription over a phased rollout period (customers with a Free 3/3/3 subscription will not have access to billing). We're starting with a limited number of early adopters with a wide release planned for late January 2019. Please stay tuned to our blog for the latest details!

Setting up billing

Before you begin collecting payments, an Admin user must first configure your billing settings in LibCal. The first step is to connect LibCal to a supported third-party payment processor, which will be used to actually handle all credit card transactions. If you have not already, your library will need to sign up for an account with one of these payment processors. Please keep in mind that each payment processor charges different transaction fees for things like handling payments and issuing refunds. These fees are part of the merchant agreement each library will have to agree to with their chosen payment processor. Please note that:

  • Springshare does not collect any fees. Inquiries about charges, refunds, and transaction fees should be directed to your payment processor, accordingly.
  • Springshare has no direct contact with credit card information during the payment process. All of the actual payment information passes directly from the payment page to the payment processor.
  • Only one payment processor can be used to collect payments at a time. Once you start collecting payments, your settings will be locked in and you will not be able to switch between payment processors. Please contact the Springy Support team if you need to change these settings.

In addition to setting up a payment processor, you will also want to select the local currency to use for your credit card payments. This is important, as all transactions with your payment processor will be made using the selected currency.

Getting started

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Applying billing charges to spaces and events

With your billing settings configured, you're ready to start applying charges to your space bookings and event registrations. This is what will determine how much it costs to book a specific space or register for a specific event.

  • Spaces: this allows you to charge an hourly rate by category and/or individual space.
  • Events: when an event has registration enabled, this allows you to set a per-registration cost.

When charges are assessed, patrons will be prompted to pay online via credit card after submitting their booking or registration. This includes a button on the confirmation screens, but also links in the various confirmation emails sent by LibCal. As with other email notificaitons, these have customizable templates that can be found in your calendar and space location settings.

Getting started

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Collecting and managing payments

As soon as you've assigned costs to your spaces and events, patrons will start being assessed charges. After a patron submits a space booking or event registration that has a cost applied, they will be prompted on the confirmation pages to submit an online credit card payment (as well as in their confirmation email, depending upon how you've customized your email templates). When they click the payment button on the page or the payment link in the email, they will be taken to a secure LibCal page where they can enter their credit card information and submit the transaction to your payment processor. If at any time a patron cancels a booking or registration they've already paid for, LibCal will automatically initiate a refund through your payment processor.

Remember: Springshare has no direct contact with credit card information during the payment process. All of the actual payment information passes directly from the payment page to the payment processor.

LibCal will keep records of all charges, including their amounts and payment status, with links directly to the related transactions from your payment processor. Not only will you find this data when managing your bookings and event registrations, but Admin users will also be able to view all charges system-wide. This makes it easy to audit what's been charged, paid, and refunded.

Getting started

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