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Create widgets to list and search FAQ entries

LibAnswers allows you to create different types of widgets, which you can use to embed your content in another page, such as a LibGuide, blog, or your library website. You can create widgets to embed:

  • Search forms: make it possible for users to search your public FAQs -- either for a single group, or all public groups at once.
  • FAQ lists:  allow you to display customized lists of FAQs.
    • Most recent FAQs
    • Most popular FAQs
    • FAQs by topic
    • FAQs by keyword
    • A custom list of FAQs of your choice
    • A single, full FAQ
  • Topic lists:  allow users to quickly view public FAQs on a particular topic. 

FAQ search widgets

Just like searching from your LibAnswers pages, the search form widgets include the auto-suggest feature. As a user types into the search box, relevant FAQ suggestions will appear automatically. This can help users get the answers they need more quickly.

Example of a search form widget displaying suggested FAQs

FAQ list widgets

Each list will display the question, last updated date, assigned topics, and the total number of views. You can also include the question details, as well.

The FAQ List widget also allows you to display a single, full FAQ entry -- so instead of just the question and details, it'll also show the complete answer.

Example of an FAQ List widget displaying recent FAQs

Topic list widgets

These widgets can display in a simple list, a dropdown menu, or as a cloud. When a user clicks on a topic, they'll be taken to the LibAnswers search results page showing all FAQs assigned to that topic.

Example of a Topic List cloud widget

Edit, copy, and manage your LibAnswers widgets

Each widget you create is saved, allowing you to make changes to it over time without having to completely replace it with a new one. For example, you could easily switch an FAQ List from a Recent FAQ Entries list to an FAQs by Topic list. All you need to do is edit the widget, change the list type options, and save. It'll automatically update the widget everywhere it's embedded.

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