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How to create and manage social media posts

The LibAnswers social feed provides a consolidated view of each queue's social media interactions, including sent and received:

  • Facebook posts, comments, and likes
  • Twitter mentions, direct messages, and followed hashtags
  • Pinterest pins and actions

Who can view & manage a queue's social feed?

  • Admin users: because admins have admin access to every queue, they can view and manage any queue's social feed.
  • Regular users: in order to view and manage a queue's social feed, Regular users must have either Regular or Admin access to that queue.
    • If a user does not have access to a queue with a connected Facebook, Twitter, and/or Facebook account, they will not see any social feed content.

Viewing and managing a queue's social feed

Once a queue has been connected to one or more social media account, users with access to the queue can view the full feed to see new posts, comments, likes, mentions, messages, etc. As well as being able to view upcoming scheduled posts.

Creating and managing new posts

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