How to manage E-Reserves requests

The E-Reserves Request allows faculty members (or anyone who would be requesting new reserve items) to request items be placed on e-reserve for their courses. Once requests have been submitted, library staff can then log into LibGuides to manage them and add the items to the e-reserves module.

Submitting the E-Reserves request form

Your E-Reserves request form can be accessed by adding /er_request.php to the end of your LibGuides URL. For example: You will also find links to the form under Content > E-Reserves under:

  • The Requests tab
  • The Settings tab, in the Request Form panel

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Managing requests

The Requests tab is where you process items that have been submitted via the E-Reserves Request Form, which is where faculty can request to add items to their courses. Once a request is received, staff can begin the work of reviewing and processing the items.

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Navigating to the Requests page

Customize the E-Reserves request form

The Request Form section of the Settings page includes some basic settings for your E-Reserves request form, including setting a statement that must be checked before a submission, who will receive an email notification for new submissions, and a password for the form.

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Navigating to the E-Reserves Settings page

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