Create and manage calendar events

Before you get started, you must have either a Regular or Admin user account in your LibCal system. Regular users must be given permission to create and edit events for a calendar. Depending on your account's permissions (admin-level users can add and edit events on all calendars) for a given calendar, you may be restricted to only creating/editing events you own, have read-only access, or have event admin access allowing you to create and edit any events on the calendar.

How do I create a new event?

New events can be created from scratch, from a template, from a copy of another event, or from a Spaces booking. 

How do I edit and update an existing event?

You can log into LibCal to edit and manage your events at any time, either via the My Upcoming Events box on your LibCal dashboard or via the admin page for each calendar.

Managing an event

After the event has been published, during the time leading up to the event, and after it has occurred, you have a variety of options for managing the event. Including registration and attendance details, dealing with users on the waitlist and those that canceled, and more.

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