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Managing space bookings

The Spaces module provides your patrons with a dedicated interface that they can use to book your rooms. This allows your patrons to easily browse spaces at each location, check their availability, and submit their bookings.

Adding and mediating bookings

While your users can make bookings on their own from the public side of your LibCal site (or via widgets), new bookings, single or recurring, can be made from the admin side of the module as well. This can be helpful if a user needs help making a booking (in-person, over the phone, etc.), a space needs to be booked outside of the available hours, or if they need to book the same space multiple times--recurring bookings can only be made on the admin-side.

Mediating space bookings

Depending upon the nature of your particular library spaces, it may be useful to mediate room bookings so you have more control over who is using that space. For example, let's say you have a really specialized space like a recording studio. Since only one person at a time can use the studio, you may want to give priority to people working on class projects, or participating in certain courses. By mediating the booking requests for your studio, you can review and approve each request that comes in. 

Paying for space bookings, issuing refunds, and viewing charges

When a space booking has a fee, patrons will be able to pay for their bookings online via credit card. If a patron is unable or forgot to pay online, LibCal also provides staff with a way to record in-person payments. Should a booking be canceled, LibCal will automatically initiate a refund for any payments made via credit card.

Editing bookings

After a booking has been confirmed/approved, you can still make changes to the details, as needed. Edits to the user's name, booking form responses, booked space, start and end time can all be made to any existing bookings.

Managing bookings

Along with being able to edit the details of bookings, there are a variety of other management-related functions that you can perform for your bookings.

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