Managing equipment bookings

The Equipment booking module allows you to add, manage, reserve, and circulate equipment across one or more library locations. Key features include:

  • Public booking catalog, making it easy for patrons to book equipment online.
  • Automated notification emails, overdue items, and fines management.
  • Easy-to-use staff interfaces for adding and managing bookings, overdue items, fines, and inventory.

If you do not currently subscribe to the Equipment booking module, you can contact our Springy Sales Team about a quote and free trial today!

Checking equipment out and in

Both Regular and Admin users can check out items to patrons and check them back in and collect fines (if necessary).

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Adding and mediating bookings

While your users can make bookings on their own from the public side of your LibCal site, new bookings, single or recurring, can be made from the admin side of the module as well. This can be helpful if a user needs help making a booking (in-person, over the phone, etc.), an item needs to be booked outside of the available hours, or if they need to book the same items multiple times--recurring bookings can only be made on the admin-side.

Mediating equipment bookings

Depending upon the nature of your equipment, it may be useful to mediate bookings so you have more control over who is using certain items. For example, let's say you have a really specialized video equipment. You may want to give priority to people working on class projects or participating in certain courses where they need to record videos. By mediating the booking requests for your equipment, you can review and approve each request that comes in.

Editing bookings

After a booking has been confirmed/approved, you can still make changes to the details, as needed. Edits to the user's name, booking form responses, booked space, start and end time can all be made to any existing bookings.

Managing bookings

Along with being able to edit the details of bookings, there are a variety of other management-related functions that you can perform for your bookings.

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