What's new in the May 2019 release?

So far in May we’ve celebrated May the Fourth, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother’s Day (among other awesome days)…and now it’s time to celebrate Springy Release Days! Bask in the shininess of new features and the glory of fixes. Use this celebratory energy to plan your next projects, including implementing these new features / adding them to your workflows and moving to LibWizard v2.

These releases will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, May 17. Below, you'll find an overview of the major changes for this release. As we update our help articles to reflect these new features, we'll add links below so you can learn more about them. Check back over the coming days for updates!

To view a complete list of features and fixes from the May 2019 release, check out our full blog post.

Last updated: May 20, 2019 at 5:09 PM EST


SMS / Twitter / Facebook Alerts in LibChat

These new message alerts had been displayed in the Tickets tab since, well, they’re technically tickets. You all made a mighty fine point, however, that these are all near-instantaneous interactions, much like chats. Your users expect faster replies via these channels, and appreciate getting them. Now that these interactions have moved over to the Chats tab, you’ll appreciate the more streamlined workflow!

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Screensharing updatesā€‹

We heard you! The Launch button for the operator to start a screensharing session wasn’t in-your-face enough to really notice, which caused some confusion. We’ve turned the link into a larger button and placed it more prominently in the message for operators.

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ā€‹LibApps & LibGuides

Cross-region guide copying

We’re super excited to announce the ability to copy a guide into your system, regardless of what region you’re in. Did you hear about a guide in Canada that you’d like to copy into your system, but you live in Australia? No problem! In LibGuides, go to Content > Create Guide, and search by keyword or URL. The results you see there are now pulled from servers in all regions: Canada, US, Australia, and Europe. We’re a global, guide-copying community again!

(Note: We are also working on globalizing the LibGuides Community site [library and guide searches] and are aiming to have that out to you this summer. This release is only about the actual process of copying guides from any region using the Create Guide screen within your own system.)

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Guide sharing set to "internal" when using site-wide IP or LibAuth access rules in CMS

When you set a site-wide IP or LibAuth restriction, your site is automatically set to NOSHARE, meaning no one can copy your guides, and your content does not show in the LibGuides Community site.

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Confirmed space bookings calendar

We’re thrilled to bring you this heavily requested feature in LibCal. You can now run a calendar view of all confirmed space bookings for a category and/or location on the admin side of the system. This awesome new feature provides the ability to filter the calendar by spaces within the category/location selected and can be displayed in the ‘Agenda’, ‘Day’, ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ format. Lastly, hover over a booking for information about it, as well as any event details (if the booking is tied to one). Head to Spaces > Confirmed Bookings to try it out!

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OAuth 2 integration for syncing spaces & appointments with Outlook

It’s here: the long awaited OAuth2 authentication support for syncing Appointments and Space bookings with your Exchange/Outlook calendars/resources! This authentication method is a more secure way to sync than storing Outlook/Exchange passwords, as with the current setup.

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Discount code support for billing charges

Our online billing component is always growing, now with support for discount codes! Create, manage, apply, and track discount codes for events, equipment, and space bookings. Head to Admin > Billing > Coupons/Discount to get started.

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Book equipment when creating events

Ever wanted to book required equipment items during Event creation, rather than booking separately through the Equipment module? Well, now you can do just that! When creating or modifying event details, a new drop-down selection is available to book equipment items for the event.

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Space bookings include more details about cancellations

We’ve added which user cancelled the space booking as well as the date & time they cancelled it (check the calendar icon next to the name) to the Spaces Booking Explorer and Booking Details Modal. (This will only appear for recent and future cancellations.)

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Email notifications

Regular users and Admins can receive Email Notifications when they are assigned new Profiles, Tasks, or Projects. Turn notifications on or off right from your Dashboard.

Additions to the dashboard

The LibCRM Dashboard now shows some general system statistics & Springy news. The At A Glance view displays the total number of People, Organizations, Interactions, Projects, and Tasks you have in your LibCRM system. We also added the News & Announcement Boxes to keep you up to date on what’s happening at Springshare and with LibCRM.

New report features

In this release, report output was improved by showing all custom fields in the Display and XL export. Also, when filtering by Profile Type, you can choose what kind of search is done: match any or match all selected profile types.

New features for interactions

You can now create repeating interactions, whether it’s Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or a group of dates you manually select. In addition, you can also associate Interactions with Tasks, using the “Interaction for > Select Tasks” option at the bottom of the page.

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Analyze most-used resources in COUNTER 5 datasets

You can now view your most-frequently-used resources by variable (investigations, requests, searches) by doing an Analysis, then going to Journals, Databases, or Books > Top Use.

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Message wall on the dashboard

The Dashboard/Home page now has a Message Wall – a convenient way for admins to post important messages and announcements! Head to Admin > System Settings > Message Wall Settings to enable this new feature.

Color code accounts

You can now associate a color with each LibStaffer account. Once set, the selected color displays before the staff members name on the Schedule view. Head to Admin > Accounts > edit account > Manage Account screen to get colorful!

New report lists swapped and given-up shifts

This new report summarizes by account how many shifts have been given up and swapped over the time range selected. It also provides critical information on how long before a shift was set to start that it was given up / swapped, and categorize total given up / swapped shifts by time of day. This report will only start collecting and reporting on data from its initial release going forward. Head to Reports to check out the new Swaps & Given Up Summary Report.

Another new report lists available hours for all users

This report gives you a convenient display of Available Hours associated with each account. No more having to go to individual accounts! Click Reports and run the new Available Hours report.

Monthly shift recurrence options

Now you can create shifts with a monthly recurrence pattern.

Add notes to schedules

Have an important announcement for a specific date? Add a Schedule note! Apply it to one, multiple, or all schedules. You’ll find this feature under Admin > Notes.

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Conditional email notifications

No smoke and mirrors, the most requested feature ever is here! Choose to send an email notification to different addresses based on a user answer to a dropdown, radio button, or checkbox question. Go to Form/Survey/Quiz/Tutorial Options > Submission Behavior > Advanced Email Settings > Conditional To and select Dynamic To Based on User Input. Select the field you want to use and who to email for each answer choice.

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Pre-populate form fields

You can now pre-fill form fields via URL parameters! You can either create your own custom URL to pre-populate fields with default answers, or map your form's fields to accept OpenURL parameters! With OpenURL, for example, a link from your catalog could pass citation details like title, author, ISBN/ISSN, etc. to your form automatically!

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Limit file upload fields by size and type

Each file upload field now allows you to set a maximum file size and limit which type(s) of users can upload. You can choose allowed types from our list of presets, or provide a list of allowed file extensions.

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New Preview mode for forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials

We’ve given Previews an upgrade! No more filling out required fields with dummy text just because you need to see the 2nd page of the survey! Now you can choose to ignore required fields, show hidden fields, or jump directly to any page. Plus, a submission from the preview is recorded in its own area separate from ‘live’ submissions, so you don’t even have to delete your test submissions.

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Features added to the rich text editor

When editing textarea fields, the Welcome Screen, and Thank You screen, you'll find a new option for creating a collapsible box.  Need to add a long definition or instructions, but don’t want it to take up the whole screen? Add it as a Collapsible box! Click the icon to add it, give it a name, then click to expand and add the “hidden” text.

For all other field types, you'll now see options allowing you to change the font size & color of your question text, as well as add images.

Allow users to review responses before submission

You can now opt to display a review page to a user before they submit their response. This is especially helpful for long/complex forms & surveys! Head to your form/survey/quiz/tutorial's Options > Submission Behavior and check “Display a Review Page” to enable this page.

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Display rating fields as sliders, stars, or radio buttons

The Rating field has gotten fancier! In addition to the usual radio buttons, you can now choose to display stars or sliders.

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Automatically number questions

No more manually adding a number to question text (and having to change it when you add or reorder questions)! Head to your form/survey/quiz/tutorial's Options > Look & Feel and check the "Display Field Numbers" box (then Save!) to automatically number any field requiring user input (i.e., not the text block, line separator, etc. fields).

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Option to add custom javascript to forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials

If you are fluent in JavaScript and want to add a custom script to a Form, Survey, Quiz, or Tutorial, you can! Once enabled by a LibWizard admin in your system settings, head to your form/survey/quiz/tutorial's Options > Advanced > Custom JavaScript and add your script (without opening & closing script tags). If you are not familiar with JavaScript, we do not recommend using this option.

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