Managing your LibStaffer system settings

Whether you're a brand new LibStaffer admin, or just need a refresher on managing system settings, this Springboard has you covered. Admin users can find the system settings by going Admin > System Settings. The following sections correspond to the different tabs available on the System Settings page, with the links below providing you more info on the available settings.

The System Settings page

System Settings

The first tab of the System Settings allows you to customize basic system information, date and time settings, time off settings, and LibCal synchronization.

Look & Feel

The Look & Feel tab of the System Settings page allows you to add a custom banner image to your LibStaffer pages. 

Access rules

The Access Rules tab of the System Settings page allows you to control who can access your LibStaffer system.

  • Restricting access to LibStaffer by IP address
    If you'd like to restrict access to LibStaffer to only those people within specific IP address ranges, you can add one or more IP access rules to your system. When you add an access rule, only users within the IP address range you specify will be able to view your site.

Admin Alert Box

The Admin Alert Box tab of the System Settings page is where you can add a custom dashboard message for all users to see. This is like having a bulletin board in the staff lounge -- when users sign into LibStaffer, they'll see the box at the top of the page, making it a great way to share news and announcements.

Privacy Notifications

The Privacy Notifications tab of the System Settings page is where you can customize the banner and privacy statement notification messages on your public pages and widgets. These can be used to inform users about the use of cookies on your site and how you use collected data.

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