Scheduling 101: creating a schedule, adding shifts, and managing staff assignments

Schedules allow you to manage and assign staff to shifts for the scheduling of your service points, departments, branches, etc. LibStaffer allows you to create as many schedules as you need, and as many shifts as you need within those schedules. For example, you may have one schedule that covers the staffing of your circulation desk, another schedule for your book re-shelving, a third for your chat monitoring, and a fourth for your reference desk. And within each of those schedules, you can set up the assigned staff, shift details, the look of the schedule itself, and more. 

The shifts that you create within each of your schedules can also be fully to define their length, frequency, number of staff assigned, etc. And the staffing of these shifts can be managed and maintained through tools like the Auto Scheduler and the built-in warnings/checks for time off, other shift assignments, max hours worked, etc. to ensure that your shifts are quickly and easily populated without the worry of double-booking your staff. 

Creating and setting up a schedule

The first step of getting a schedule up and running is creating one. After creating the schedule, you'll be taken directly to the Assigned Staff tab of the Manage Schedule settings. You can continue with the setup of the schedule from there or jump to the other areas of the schedule's settings.

Name & info settings

Assigned staff

Calendar settings

Widgets and public calendar

Location & time clock

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Adding shifts to the schedule

The shifts on your schedule are used to set and assign the staffing for your schedule for the day. You can create as many shifts as you need and can configure each shift to specify its recurrence pattern, coloring, how many staff are required, etc. New shifts can be created from scratch or by copying existing shifts.

Creating new shifts

Managing existing shifts

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Adding and managing staff assignments

After your schedules have been populated with shifts, the last step is assigning staff to them. And then, after the initial assignments have been made, continuing to manage the staff assignments for the schedule's shifts going forward.

Assigning staff

Managing staff assignments

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