What's new in the June 2019 release?

It’s finally summer here in the northern hemisphere, and we’re enjoying every second of it! Even with the warmth and sunshine trying to distract us, we stayed focused in order to bring you a whole new round of awesome updates to your Springy products…though we may have taken some frisbee and badminton breaks.

LibApps, LibGuides, LibInsight, LibCal, LibCRM, and LibStaffer will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, June 28. LibAnswers will be rolling out the week of July 1 and will be live in all regions by the end of the day on Friday, July 5. Below, you'll find an overview of the major changes for this release. As we update our help articles to reflect these new features, we'll add links below so you can learn more about them. Check back over the coming days for updates!

To view a complete list of features and fixes from this release, check out our full blog post.

Last updated: July 5, 2019 at 11:54 M EDT (All documentation updated!)

Note: the LibWizard release has been delayed.


Remember: these changes will start rolling out the week of July 1 and will be live to all regions by end of day Friday, July 5.

New LibChat prompt when closing the operator console while in Online or Internal status

While signed into LibChat and your status is set to Online or Internal, you will now be prompted to confirm when closing the browser tab/window. If you are in Offline status, however, the browser tab will close without displaying a prompt. We hope that this added prompt will help prevent you from accidentally closing the LibChat operator console while you're still actively monitoring patron and/or internal chats.

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You can now reorder multiple choice fields on question forms

Want to reorder the multiple choice options in your Queue’s Question Form without affecting past data? Now you can! Head to Admin > Queues > Edit your Queue > Question Form > Multiple Choice Fields and you’ll see a new “Reorder Options” button.

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LibApps & LibGuides

"Set password" option removed for new user accounts

We removed the ability to set a password for a new account. For security reasons, and to bring LibGuides in line with other Springy apps, all new accounts must use the Reset Password link to receive a link to set their password. If you’re an admin and need to set a password for someone, no problem, just go to LibApps > Admin > Manage Accounts > Edit that account to change it. You can change your own password by clicking on your email address at the top-right of the screen. You must know your current password for this to work.

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New features for recording in-person payments

If you're currently using the LibCal Billing module, you'll find several new and expanded features for recording in-person payments:

  • Send an email or print out a receipt when accepting an in-person payment, so patrons have a record and verification that their payment was received.
  • Override the cost of a booking or registration before accepting an in-person payment.
  • Apply discount codes.
  • Refund an in-person payment.
  • Regular users now have access to accept in-person payments.
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Appointments users can now set default Directions for availability times

Tired of adding the same directions whenever you add Availability? Well, we’ve got you covered with our new default ‘Directions’ field! Head to Appointments > My Settings and fill out the Directions field in the Appointment Settings area. These default directions can still be overridden when setting up Availability. So you can set up the directions you use most often as your default, but still route people to a different place for certain appointments, if necessary.

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Appointment confirmation email can now include booking form responses

We’ve added a new email tag to the ‘Confirmation Email to Patron’ template that can be used to include the booking form responses in the appointment confirmation email that gets sent to a patron.  Go to Appointments > My Settings to make use of the new {{{FORM_FIELDS}}} tag.

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Question & answer rules for Spaces/Equipment booking forms

The Equipment and Spaces booking form now supports conditional question and answer logic! Display another question or perhaps just some text based on the response given by the patron for any drop-down or radio button question you add to your booking form. Head to Admin > Equipment & Spaces > Booking Forms to set up your question / answer rules today!

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New email notification when patrons cancel their bookings

There’s a new email alert for when a patron cancels an equipment and/or space booking. Head to Admin > Equipment & Spaces and edit a location. On the ‘General’ tab, there is a new edit text entry field labeled ‘Patron Cancellation Email’, where you can enter the email addresses of who you want to receive these notifications.

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Staff users can now confirm tentative bookings for patrons

If you have 2-step verification enabled for a Location (which requires the patron to click a link in their email to verify / confirm the booking), you can now help them out and confirm it on their behalf on the Admin side of the system! Head to Spaces > Availability or Equipment > Availability and click the Tentative booking. You’ll see a new “Confirm Booking” button at the bottom of the Booking Details area.

Remember: the "Tentative" booking status is different from "Mediated Tentative". If you have both 2-step verification and mediation enabled for a booking, then the booking will still have to go through the mediation process once the staff user confirms the booking with this new button.

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Bulk update person profiles via Admin > Import Profiles

Now you can bulk update existing Profile records! If you do a data import of Profiles and an email address entered matches one that already exists in the system, the import will update that profile’s information. A super efficient way to update a bunch of Profiles at once!

Other improvements to bulk imports include:

  • You can now enter multiple values for multi-select and checkbox fields (just separate each with a comma)
  • The import templates can now be saved and uploaded in XLSX, XLS, or ODS formats
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Limit shift assignments by position

We’ve taken the power of shift assignments to the next level by allowing for designating positions required to fill a shift. Optimize your scheduling workflow by defining positions and assigning them to both user accounts and shifts. Position assignment considerations are supported in both auto scheduler and manual shift assignments. Head to Admin > Schedule Settings > Name & Info to enable this feature.

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LibCal Hours integration with schedules

Now you can link the LibCal hours module with LibStaffer schedules! If a schedule is linked to a library or department from the LibCal hours module, when creating shifts, the shift details page will display the opening to closing hours of the library or department the schedule is linked to for help in determining if the shift that is being created or edited will fall outside of the opening and closing hours.

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Multi Date Picker for Shift Creation

By popular request we’ve added a multi date picker when creating shifts. This new multi date picker will accommodate scenarios where a recurring shift needs to be set up but there is not a consistent recurrence pattern. Go to Schedules from the Main Menu Navigation Bar and create a shift to use the new multi date picker.

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Favorite Shifts Report

Hot off the presses we have a brand new report to further enhance the scheduling process. See all shifts staff members have marked as favorites by going to Reports and clicking on the Favorite Shifts tab.

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Update: As excited as we are to get you these awesome new LibWizard features as quickly as possible, we’ve found we need a little extra time to ensure that everything works smoothly with both the LibAuth integration and the Certificate of Completion. These new features and fixes will go out in early August instead. While we regret the delay, we know you’ll appreciate the extra time and care we put into these features once you’re using them!

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