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Managing LibInsight user accounts

What are the account levels in LibInsight?

There are 3 different user levels in LibInsight:

  • Admin users can manage system settings, accounts, and datasets. They have full access to every dataset in the system and are the only users who can create new datasets.
  • Regular users can only analyze, manage, and/or record data those datasets where they've been given permission. Each dataset can assign these permissions to different users.
  • Inactive users are those who you do not want to access the system, but want to preserve any data they've entered.
    • For example, when you remove an account from LibInsight, you have to reassign that user's content to another person. If that person had recorded reference transactions, those would now be attributed to someone else -- skewing your stats.
    • But if you set their account to inactive, then those records would still be attributed to them -- while still preventing them from signing into LibInsight.

Both Admin and Regular users can create dashboards and use the cross dataset analysis tool to analyze their datasets.

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Create and manage accounts

Within your LibInsight system, you can create as many accounts, at any level, as needed. If you have users that should only be recording data to certain datasets, others that should be able to record data and run analysis, and another set that should be able to record data as well as administer and add metadata to another batch of datasets, you can.

When creating new accounts or managing existing ones, you are able to control exactly what datasets they can access for administering and defining metadata, recording data, and running analysis. (Except for your other admin accounts, that can access everything in the site.) Access to datasets for regular level users is set for each individual dataset. 

The control that you have over account access/permissions ensures that your staff are only working in the datasets in LibInsight that they need to.

Other account management options

Setting the default dataset and the post-login screen for an account

When editing a user's account apart from changing their account level you can also set their default dataset and the screen they see after logging in to LibInsight. These settings can also be adjusted by each individual user for their own account.

Editing a user's email address, name, or password in LibApps

There may be times that you need to update an account's information. If you are a LibApps admin (a separate permission from being a LibAnswers admin), you can make changes to the name, email address, password, etc. for any account in your LibApps system.

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