Manage your LibWizard system & language settings

In the LibWizard system settings and language settings, Admin users will find options for customizing the overall appearance of their LibWizard pages. This includes:

  • Adding a site banner or HTML header to display at the top of public forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials.
  • Customizing the default fonts and page colors of public pages.
  • Setting a custom favicon.
  • Adding custom CSS and javascript code to public pages.
  • Displaying a privacy statement to users on public pages.
  • Setting the format of dates and times.
  • Customizing the default text and labels used throughout LibWizard.

In addition, subscribers to LibInsight Full (Quizzes & Tutorials) will also have the option of enabling LibAuth integration for their site. This gives you the option of requiring users to authenticate before viewing a form, survey, quiz, or tutorial.

Whether you're a brand new Admin or simply need a refresher, this Springboard will provide an overview of your LibWizard system & language settings and how to configure them. To get started, log into LibWizard and go to Admin > System Settings.

The System Settings option in the Admin menu

Customize the appearance of public pages

Page Header

Admin users can upload a banner image or add a custom HTML header to display at the top of each form, survey, quiz, and tutorial. Although this will enabled by default for new forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials, content owners have the option to hide or change the header if desired.

Adding a page header can help you brand the pages that your users see, helping them better blend in with the rest of your library's sites and make it easier for users to identify LibWizard pages as belonging to your institution.

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Look & Feel

In your Look & Feel settings, you'll be able to customize the fonts and page colors used in your public pages. Although this will enabled by default for new forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials, content owners have the option to customize the fonts and colors just for their content.

Also in these settings, you'll find an option to use a custom favicon. This is an image that displays next to the page title in browser tabs and bookmarks. If you'd prefer to use your library's favicon graphic instead of the default LibWizard icon, simply enter the URL of your .ico file and save.

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Custom CSS/JS

In your Custom CSS/JS settings, you can add custom CSS and/or javascript code that will be include in your public pages. This is helpful, for example, if you are using a custom HTML header that requires its own stylesheet and javascript code, for things like dropdown menus. However, you can also use custom CSS code to override the default styles used in LibWizard's public stylesheets. When adding custom code, you can either enter it directly into LibWizard or link to externally-hosted .css or .js files. (Important: LibWizard already includes the jQuery javascript library. To prevent javascript conflicts that could break your public pages, please do not include any code that tries to load additional instances of the jQuery library.)

Please note that content owners can include additional CSS code in each form, survey, quiz, or tutorial. Though they do not have the option of excluding any system-level code, this could be used to override those customizations. In addition, Admin users can choose to allow content owners to add custom javascript code in their forms, surveys, quizzes, or tutorials, as well.

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Display a privacy notification on public pages

When enabled, the privacy notification on public pages informs the visitors about the use of cookies and any other privacy-related issues. The alert can be dismissed by users, which will set a cookie is to prevent users from seeing the banner again on any public page. Although we do provide default language for your convenience, the text of the alert is fully customizable. You can also include additional info in a popup modal when users click on a "Read More" link. 

The optional data submission notification helps you alert your patrons to what personal information you collect. This gives you an opportunity to let your patrons know why you collect particular data on forms, what that data is used for, etc.

Although these are optional, it's becoming a best practice across many websites to include these types of notifications. In addition, depending upon your location it can help your library conform with GDPR or other applicable user privacy regulations.

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Configure other system settings

LibWizard provides additional options for customizing other aspects of the system, including:

  • Encryption of submission data: although all LibWizard pages are already served over secure HTTPS connections, you have the option to also save user-submitted data in an encrypted format. This can be particularly important for complying with institutional or governmental rules & regulations.
  • Date & time format: you can customize the format of dates and times as they appear throughout LibWizard.
  • LibAuth integration: if you subscribe to LibWizard Full (i.e. Forms & Surveys + Quizzes & Tutorials), you can enable LibAuth integration. This allows content owners to require user authentication before submitting forms, surveys, quizzes, or tutorials.
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Customize your language settings

Admin users can customize many of the default labels and text used throughout LibWizard's public pages. This includes:

  • Buttons and prompts, such as the Submit button or "Make a selection" placeholder text in dropdown fields.
  • Messages, such as the "Your grade is..." text for graded quizzes and tutorials.
  • Warning messages, such as "This field is required".

You can find all of these options under Admin > Language Settings.

The Language Settings option under the Admin menu

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