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I'm logged in but can't access Springshare Resources (the Help Center, Training, SpringyU, & the Lounge)

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To see Springshare Resources — the Help Center and SpringyU, as well as many parts of the Training site and the Springshare Lounge — you must be logged in to one of your Springshare products.

But what if you are logged in to a Springy tool — LibGuides, LibAnswers, LibCal, LibWizard, LibStaffer, LibInsight, or LibConnect — and keep running into this Login Required screen? 🤔

The login required screen

Read below for tips if you're logged into a Springy tool but get stuck on the screen above.

I'm logged into my LibApps account but it says that I'm not

What's likely happening is the cookies in your browser from your previous LibApps login are a bit outdated. To get fresh cookies, simply log out and log back in to any of your Springy tools. To do this quickly:

  • Go directly to the logout page, for example:  https://[springylib].libapps.com/libapps/logout
    • Be sure to swap in your correct LibApps domain, where the highlighting is shown in the example.
  • Click the return to the login screen link, and log in.
  • Then go to the desired Springshare Resource: Help Center, Training, SpringyU, or the Lounge

You can also log out from any Springy product — LibGuides, LibCal, LibAnswers, etc. — where you are currently logged in.

  1. Click the Logout link or icon in the top right of the command bar in any Springy tool.
Clicking the logout link
The logout link in LibStaffer. It's in the same place in every product.
  1. Click the link, return to the login screen.
Clicking the link to return to the login screen
  1. Log in again with your LibApps email and password, and click the Log Into LibApps button.
    1. If LibAuth is active, you can alternatively click the link to log in and authenticate with your SSO.
    • If LibAuth is required, you'll skip this screen so you can log in using your SSO.
Logging back in to LibApps.
  1. This fresh login will give you an updated browser cookie. You can then go to the desired Springshare Resource:

I'm a Patron Point customer — I'm stuck on the Login Required screen

While logging into Patron Point won't grant you access to Springshare Resources at this time, you can still get there, depending on your scenario:

I have a LibApps account

...Because my team subscribes to other Springshare products (like LibGuides, LibAnswers, etc.). If so:

  • Log in to one of your Springy products (other than Patron Point), then try going to a Springshare Resource.
  • If you go to a Springy product and you're logged in, but you still see the Login Required screen, please log out and then log back in.

...Because I received an email about a new LibApps account in the Patron Point LibAnswers system.

  • All Patron Point customers — who don't otherwise have a LibApps account — get an account here so you can access Springshare Resources. 🤓
  • Log in to the Springshare Patron Point LibApps site: https://patronpoint.libapps.com/libapps/login.php
    • Use the same email address used for your Patron Point account.
    • If you don't remember your password or haven't set one yet, you can reset your password here.
  • This will create an active login so you can visit Springshare Resources. If you are shown as logged in and still see the Login Required screen, please log out and then log back in.

I don't have a LibApps account

If you recently got a new account with Patron Point but haven't yet received an email about a new LibApps account, please send us a message asking to get one. We'll first confirm that you have a Patron Point account, and then we'll make you a LibApps account under the same name and email address, so you can log in to the Springshare Patron Point LibApps site to view the Springshare Resources.