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What is LibConnect?

LibConnect is a customer relationship management tool built specifically for libraries. Key features include:

  • Sending & tracking email campaigns.
  • Recording your interactions with your library stakeholders, both people & organizations.
  • Creating & managing projects & tasks.

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Profiles & interactions

Person profiles allow you to send email campaigns out to your library stakeholders. Making it a breeze to send emails to your stakeholders to promote your library's services, make them aware of upcoming maintenance, and more! They are also used to keep track of important information and used to coordinate and record interactions with your stakeholders. Whether it's a simple email offering a library instruction session, or helping an author research your special collections & archives. Each interaction you add not only helps you track your outreach and engagement efforts, but can also help you develop more personalized services in the future.

An Organization profile allows you to keep track of important information about organizations your library interacts with, such as vendors, committees, teams, consortia, or professional organizations. They are also used to coordinate and track interactions with your organizations, whether it's a simple email with a vendor rep, or attendance at a consortium or professional organization meeting.

Email campaigns

The Email Campaigns tool incorporates the ability to create and manage two types of email campaigns:

  • Marketing: these are intended for promoting library services & resources. You can only send these to your distribution lists.
  • Operational: these are intended for non-promotional emails, such as changes to policies, hours, or internal communication. You can send these to distribution lists and/or individual people in your people profiles.

Creating a new campaign is as simple as following a guided 4-step process that will allow you to customize, design the email, select recipients, preview, and schedule your campaign in few minutes.

To facilitate the customization of the email design, LibConnect integrates an easy-to-use drag & drop editor that allows you to either design an email from scratch or customize an existing template. LibConnect also provides some sample templates that can be used/customized so that you have some ideas to start from.

For campaigns that have been sent, LibConnect tracks, displays, and export general and specific statistics about the campaign performance.

Projects & tasks

Tasks allow you to keep track of your progress towards certain goals or outcomes. Whether its part of a larger project, or simply a reminder to follow up with a person by a certain date, tasks let you know what you've done and what you need to do next. Each task can be assigned to one or more users and has its own status, so you can track its completion.

A project allows you to create, organize, and collaborate on related tasks. For example, if you wanted to organize liaison outreach with each academic department, you could create a project with a series of tasks assigned to different librarians. Each task could be associated with the respective faculty member's profile, allowing each librarian to easily log related interactions and notes along the way. As each librarian finishes their outreach with a particular department, they could mark the task as complete.

Customizing & managing LibConnect

Admin users can customize many aspects of LibConnect, including system settings, user accounts, integrations with other Springy tools, and more.