Customizing the question form's asker info fields

What are question forms?

question form is an online form that your patrons can use to submit questions to a queue. Each queue gets its own question form, which can be customized to collect additional information from your patrons. For example, if you're an academic library, you may want to know the patron's status (student, faculty, etc.), department/major, and if the question is related to a specific course. This additional info can not only help you better assist your patrons, but it can also be used to filter your ticket statistics, as well.

You can provide access to your question forms in a few ways:

  • Via an FAQ group's public pages
  • Adding a LibAnswers asset to one of your guides in LibGuides
  • Embedding or linking to your question form using a LibAnswers widget

This makes it possible to gather questions from beyond LibAnswers itself, such as your library website, catalog, or electronic resources.

To access a queue's Question Form settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > Question Form tab.

Asker Info

By default, patrons will be asked to provide their email address and name when submitting their question. The email address will always be required since it's necessary for replying to the patron. The name is optional by default but can be required.

Asker's Email

Every user will have to enter an email address in order to submit the question form. This field will always be required, but you do have the ability to rename it. Just customize the text in the Field Label text field and click the Save Field button.

Screenshot of the Asker's Email field

Asker's Name (optional)

Unlike the patron's email address, their name is optional by default. However, you can make this field required; you can also customize its label, too.

  1. To rename the field, customize the text in the Field Label text field.
  2. If you would like to make this field required, select the Make this field required checkbox.
  3. Click the Save Field button.

If this field is left optional and patron does not provide a name, the ticket will list "Anon" as the asker.

Example of customizing the Asker's Name

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