How to insert, reorder, and remove fields & sections in a question form

What are question forms?

question form is an online form that your patrons can use to submit questions to a queue. Each queue gets its own question form, which can be customized to collect additional information from your patrons. For example, if you're an academic library, you may want to know the patron's status (student, faculty, etc.), department/major, and if the question is related to a specific course. This additional info can not only help you better assist your patrons, but it can also be used to filter your ticket statistics, as well.

You can provide access to your question forms in a few ways:

  • Via an FAQ group's public pages
  • Adding a LibAnswers asset to one of your guides in LibGuides
  • Embedding or linking to your question form using a LibAnswers widget

This makes it possible to gather questions from beyond LibAnswers itself, such as your library website, catalog, or electronic resources.

To access a queue's Question Form settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > Question Form tab.

In addition to adding and customizing fields, you can also customize the overall layout of your question form. This allows you to organize your fields into sections, add/remove fields, and change the order in which your fields display on your question form. This can make your form easier to navigate.

Adding sections

Sections are helpful because they allow you to group related fields together. By default, new question forms will have two sections:

  • Your Question: this will contain the Question and More Detail/Explanation fields.
  • Your Info: this will contain the Email and Name fields.

Adding additional sections can help you better organize any custom fields you've added to your question form. Here's how:

  1. Click on the Add a Section button.
  2. If you'd like the section to have a heading, enter it in the Title of Section field. Otherwise, leave it blank.
  3. You can also add a description in the Text Content field, which will display below the title and above the form fields.
  4. Use the Field Display Format to choose whether you want the field labels to display above the fields, or to the left of the fields.
  5. You can then select which Form Fields you'd like to display in this section.
    • You will only be able to select fields that are not currently displaying in other sections.
    • If the field you want is not listed in the dropdowns, remove it from its current section first by changing it to "--".
    • The fields you select will display in the order chosen (Form Field 1, then Form Field 2, etc.).
  6. Save your changes.

Screenshot highlighting the Add a Section button

Example of adding a new section

Editing sections and adding, removing, & reordering fields

  1. To edit an existing section, click on the Edit icon next to that section.
  2. Use the Form Field dropdowns to change the order of your fields, add new fields, or remove fields.
    1. To remove a field from a section, click on the corresponding Form Field dropdown and select the "---" option. Removing a field will allow you to reuse it in other sections. 
    2. A couple of available fields do not display by default, but you can add them to any section:
      • Confirmation email: this will allow users to request an email confirmation after they've submitted the question form.
      • Attach a file: this will allow users to upload and attach a file to include with their question form submission. This field will only appear when using the question form via your FAQ group pages. File uploads are not possible via widgets.
  3. Save your changes.

Example of editing a section

Example of customizing a section's settings and fields

Reordering sections

To reorder the sections of your question form:

  1. Click on the Reorder Sections button.
  2. Drag and drop each section into the desired order.
  3. Click the Save New Order button.

Screenshot highlighting the Reorder Sections button

Example of dragging and dropping sections in order

Screenshot highlighting the Save New Order button

Deleting a section

To delete a section from your question form, click on the Delete () icon next to that section.

Example of deleting a section

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