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Look & Feel: Customize the privacy and data submission notifications on your pages and widgets

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What are the privacy notification and data submission notice?

When enabled, the Privacy Notification on public pages informs the visitors about the use of cookies and any other privacy-related issues. The alert can be dismissed by users, and a cookie is set to prevent users from seeing the banner alert on any public page for 180 days. Although we do provide default language for your convenience, the text of the alert is fully customizable. You can also include additional info in a popup modal when users click on a "Read More" link. 

The privacy notification can be positioned either at the top or bottom of the page.

Example of the privacy notification on a public page
An example of the privacy notification at the top of a public page.

The Data Submission Notice alerts your patrons to what personal information you collect. This allows you to let your patrons know why you collect particular data on question forms, what that data is used for, etc. You can create customized messages to appear on public pages (such as the question form) as well as your widgets, including chat widgets.

Example of a data submission notice on a question form
An example of a data submission notice on a question form.

Enable and customize the privacy notification

Enable Privacy Notification

The Privacy Notification is a banner on your public pages that explains to your patrons what information is collected when they visit pages on your site.

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Click the Privacy Notifications tab.
  3. Use the options in the Enable Privacy Notification box to enable and position the privacy notice.
    1. By default, the notification will be disabled. To enable the privacy notification, set the Display Privacy Notification on public pages option to Yes and click the Save button.
    2. Use the Privacy Notification position option to display the notification at either the top or bottom of each page. Then, click the Save button.
The Enable Privacy Notification options

Customize Banner Text

To customize the text that displays in the alert banner:

  1. In the Customize Banner Text box, enter the text that you would like to display in the alert that displays at the top or bottom of the page.
    1. To include a link that displays a popup with more info, be sure to include this code: 
      <a id="s-ui-cc-read-more-link" href="#">Read More</a>
    2. Click the Revert to Default button to restore the default alert text.
  2. ​Click the Save button.
The Customize Banner Text option

Customize Privacy Statement

Use this field to customize the text that displays in the privacy statement window that appears when a user clicks the "Read More" link.

  1. In the Customize Privacy Statement box, enter your message in the text area field. This is what will display in the body of the modal window that appears.
    1. To restore the default message, click the Restore Default Template button.
  2. Click the Save button.
The Customize Privacy Statement option

Customize the data submission notices

The data submission notices inform patrons about the data you collect from them when submitting a question to the system and why it's required.

  1. In the Data Submission Notices box, use the text fields to customize these messages.
    1. The top field is for submission forms on LibAnswers public pages. Enter your message and click save.
    2. The bottom field is for question form widgets and LibChat widgets. Enter your message -- short is best, if possible -- and click save.
The Data Submission Notices options