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System Settings: Customize the admin alert box on the LibAnswers dashboard

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Think of the Admin Alert Box like a bulletin board in your staff lounge: it allows you to easily share news and notes with your colleagues. When a user logs into LibAnswers, they'll see the alert box right at the top of the dashboard. You can use this to remind local staff of certain procedures, new features, documentation or training links, or anything else you think is important to share. 

Are you a co-op member library? Please note that this message only appears on the LibAnswers dashboard. However, Co-Op Admin users can display an administrative announcement to their co-op librarians via the co-op dashboard page. If you would like to share local info with co-op librarians while they're chatting with your patrons, check out Preparing your 24/7 Staffing FAQs for the 24/7 Co-Op.

The admin alert box on the LibAnswers dashboard

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
  2. Click on the Admin Alert Box tab.
  3. Click on the Edit Box button. The Rich Text Editor will appear.
  4. Use the Rich Text Editor to customize the message inside of the Admin Alert Box.
    1. A preview of the alert box will display below the editor if you're making changes to an already existing box.
  5. Click the Save button. An updated preview of the box will appear on the page.

The Admin Alert Box settings