Create and manage FAQ keywords

Keywords provide another way to organize the FAQs in your groups. Unlike topics, which patrons can use to browse FAQs, keywords are designed to improve the relevancy ranking of FAQs in search results. When a patron's search query contains a keyword that you assign to an FAQ, that FAQ will have a higher relevancy ranking. As a result, patrons will be more likely to find it. 

To manage a group's keywords:

  1. Go to Admin > Metadata.
  2. Click on the Keywords tab.
  3. Use the Switch to Group dropdown to select the group you want to view.

The Switch to Group dropdown

Assigning keywords to FAQs

You can assign topics to FAQs right from the Manage Metadata page.

  1. To assign additional topics to FAQs that have already been categorized, click on the topic's View FAQs with this Keyword () icon in the Actions column.
    1. To assign keywords to FAQs that do not have any assigned to them, click on View FAQ Entires Without Keywords.
  2. To assign a keyword to an FAQ, click on its Assign Another Keyword () icon in the Other Assigned Keywords column.
    1. Need to remove a keyword from an FAQ? Click on its Remove Keyword () icon in the Other Assigned Keywords column.
  3. In the Keyword field of the Add Keywords window, enter the text of your keyword.
  4. Click the Add button. 

Example of viewing FAQs by keyword

Managing keywords

  1. To view the FAQs assigned to a keyword, click on the View FAQs with this Keyword () icon in the Actions column.
  2. To edit a keyword, click on the Edit Keyword () icon in the Actions column.
  3. To delete a keyword, click on the Delete Keyword () icon in the Actions column. This will remove the keyword from all assigned FAQs, so be careful!

Example of options for managing keywords

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