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Setting up SMS automatic keywords for your queue

To access a queue's SMS settings go to Admin > Queues > Edit Queue () icon for the queue > SMS tab.

SMS Automatic Keywords allow your users to text a word or phrase to your SMS number and immediately receive a text with relevant information. For example, if someone texts the word "hours" to your SMS number, they could receive a text listing your library hours. Or if they text "location, they could receive a text with your library's street address.

To create a new automatic keyword:

  1. Click the Add New Keyword / Term button.
  2. On the Add/Edit SMS Keyword modal, in the Keyword / Term field, enter the keyword or phrase that will trigger this response to be sent.
  3. Enter the message you want to send to the patron (up to 150 characters) in the Responder sms1 field.
  4. If you'd like to also send a second message (giving you an additional 150 characters), enter it in the Responder sms2 field.
  5. Save your changes.

If you ever need to change an automatic keyword:

  1. Click on the Edit () icon to modify the keyword or messages.
  2. Click on the Delete () icon to remove the keyword.
Note: every automatic keyword message counts towards your annual SMS credits.

Screenshot highlighting the options for adding, editing, and deleting keywords

Example of adding a new keyword

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