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Tickets: Make bulk changes to tickets

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Every so often you may need to make the same change to a whole bunch of tickets. You need to close out a number of open tickets, add a tag to a group of new tickets that came in from an outage, or send the same message out to several patrons who want to know more about a new service you're offering. Rather than going through every ticket one-by-one-by-one, admin account holders (and regular accounts with queue-level admin permissions) can make bulk updates to tickets right from the dashboard or Knowledge Base Explorer!

  1. To select multiple tickets, click on the checkbox in the Id column for each ticket.
  2. Or, select all tickets on the page by clicking the Toggle All on Page checkbox.
  3. Choose what bulk action you want to make from the Action dropdown.
  4. Select (when necessary) any additional options related to the bulk action you're making, then click the Apply button to complete the bulk action.
    • Note: You'll see these additional options and the Apply button after selecting an action.
Bulk Update Selecting

Bulk update options include:

  • Apply Macro
    • Select and apply a macro to all selected tickets. 
bulk update action for applying macro
  • Add Tag
    • Apply the same tag in bulk.
bulk update action for applying macro
  • Delete
    • Delete all of your unneeded tickets all at once.
bulk update action for applying macro
  • Remove Tag
    • Remove a tag that is no longer needed.
bulk update action for applying macro
  • Change Status
    • Alter the status of each selected ticket.
bulk update action for applying macro
  • Mark as Spam
    • Quickly send any spam that made it through the filters to the Spam tab.
    • Note: Mark as Spam action is not available from the Knowledge Base Explorer.
  • bulk update action for applying macro