Managing tickets marked as spam

Any time the LibAnswers spam filter rates an incoming email as potential spam, the ticket will be rerouted to the Spam tab of the dashboard. In addition, whenever you mark a ticket as spam, that ticket will be listed here, as well. The number in parentheses on the tab will indicate how many tickets are currently marked as spam.

Screenshot of the Spam tab.

Marking tickets as not spam

Sometimes, though, a legitimate email may be considered spam by mistake. By regularly checking spam, you will be able to review these tickets and return them to your queue if needed.

  1. To view the text of the email, click on the Quick Look () icon.
  2. To return a ticket to your queue, click on the Not Spam link in the Actions column.
  3. Select Mark as Not Spam from the Bulk Update dropdown menu to return multiple tickets to your queue at the same time.

Screenshot highlighting how to view a ticket and mark it as not spam

Deleting spam

Once you've reviewed your tickets, you can delete any tickets that are legit spam. Regularly clearing out your spam can make it easier to identify when new tickets land in your spam queue. (Tickets left in spam for 30 days will automatically be deleted.)

  1. To delete a single ticket, select the checkbox in the Id column.
  2. Or, to delete all of the tickets in your spam queue at once, select the Toggle All on Page checkbox.
  3. Once you've selected your tickets, select Delete from the Action dropdown menu.
  4. Then click the Apply button to permanently delete the spam.

Screenshot highlighting how to delete spam

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