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FAQs: View and add internal notes to an FAQ

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When editing an FAQ, you have the ability to add internal notes, which can only be viewed by logged-in users with Editor or Admin access to that FAQ's group. These can be useful in a few of ways:

  • Outlining and brainstorming: if you're just getting started with an FAQ, you can create an outline of your FAQ using a note. It's also a great way to just jot down ideas for things to add in the future, but that you may not have time to do right now.
  • Tracking changes: you can leave a note each time you update an FAQ to indicate what was changed. This creates a history of changes, which can be especially helpful when multiple people are updating FAQs in a group.
  • Collaboration: if you're working closely with other group members to add and edit FAQs, you can communicate by leaving notes.
  • Feedback: you can use notes to leave private feedback or suggestions for an FAQ's owner to help them improve an FAQ.

Viewing and adding notes

Because notes can only be viewed while editing an FAQ, users must have either Editor or Admin permissions for that FAQ's group.

  1. While editing an FAQ, click on the Notes tab (the number in parenthesis will indicate how many notes have been added).
  2. All notes added to the FAQ will be listed in chronological order, including the user's name and the submission timestamp.
  3. To add a new note, click the  Add Note button.
  4. Enter your message in the Note text box.
  5. If you would like to also email this note to other users, select one or more recipients from the Email this note to dropdown.
    • Please note: the FAQ owner is always notified when a note is added, even if you did not select their email address.
  6. Click the Save Note button.

Options for adding a note under the Notes tab 

Edit or delete a note

Although Regular-level users can only edit and delete their own notes, Admin-level users can edit and delete notes from any FAQ.

  1. To edit a note, click on the Edit () icon next to its submission timestamp.
    • This will allow you to make changes to the text of the note.
    • If you are editing someone else's note and want to give yourself ownership of it, select the Take authorship of this note checkbox before saving.
  2. To permanently delete a note, click on its Delete () icon.

Options to edit or delete a note under the Notes tab