Adding tags to tickets

Tags allow you to organize and categorize your tickets, making it easier to:

  • Search and browse for tickets on specific topics.
  • Create dashboard views for specific types of tickets.
  • Filter your statistics to analyze tickets by topic or type of question.
  • Identify trends within individual queues, or system-wide.

Although any user can apply tags to their tickets, only admin users can edit the list of available tags. If you're an admin, you can add and remove tags from Admin > Metadata > Tags. Tags are not specific to individual queues, so they can be applied to any ticket in the system. Admins can also toggle the Lock Tags option (from Admin > System Settings > Answer Page box) that controls whether or not new tags can be created from the ticket answer page.

Adding and removing tags

When Lock Tags is enabled

Tags can be added or removed from tags at any time. If your admin has locked down your tags, you are limited to selecting from only those tags created by your admin.

  1. In the Tags box, click on the Select Tags to Add dropdown menu.
  2. Click on the checkbox next to the tag(s) you wish to apply to the ticket.
  3. When you're finished, click on the dropdown to close it.
  4. Click on the Add button to apply the tag(s) to the ticket
  5. Applied tags will be listed in the Tags box. To remove an applied tag, click on the Unassign this Tag icon () next to the tag.

Example of clicking on the Select Tags to Add dropdown.

Example of selecting tags

Example of adding and removing tags

When Lock Tags is disabled

If your admin has allowed users to create tags on the fly, you have the ability to add new tags if you can't find one you're looking for.

  1. Click in the Tags text field.
  2. Begin typing the name of your tag. As you type, LibAnswers will list existing tags that match.
    • To use one of the existing tags, just select it from the list
    • Otherwise, just keep typing and press enter to add a new tag. Once added, this tag can be reused in other tickets.

Example of typing in the name of a tag

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