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LibChat: Search for FAQs while chatting with a patron

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Sometimes, the best answer to a patron's question may be found in one of your existing FAQs. To streamline the process of finding that answer, LibChat operators can search their FAQ groups directly from the chat dashboard. They can search in all groups they have permission to view, except for groups with the Restricted Internal access level.

To search your public FAQ groups:

  1. While viewing the chat, click on the FAQs tab.
  2. On the FAQs tab, if you share FAQS with other LibAnswers sites, select the site to search for FAQs from via the Search Site field.
  3. Use the FAQ Group dropdown to search all public groups, or select a specific group to search.
  4. In the Search for FAQs field, enter your keywords (this uses OR logic by default) and click the Search FAQs button.
  5. Select the relevant FAQ from the results.
    1. Click on an FAQ to view it in a new window.
    2. Click on an FAQ's chain link () icon to insert a link to it in the chat box.

The Search FAQs window