Turn sound & desktop notifications on or off in LibChat

Under the Settings tab, you can turn LibChat notifications on and off. In addition, this is also where you will be able to choose which departments and queues you want to monitor, and where you can enable/disable the multi chat overlay view.

Settings tab

Enabling sound and desktop notifications

The Notifications options allow you to enable and disable the notifications for new chats and tickets. Click on the status to toggle each notification option on and off.

  1. Sound: use this option to enable or disable sound notifications. This will apply both to the repeating new chat sound, as well as the one-time new ticket sound.
  2. Desktop Notifications: use this option to enable or disable desktop notifications in your browser. 
    • If you are setting these up for the first time, you will prompted to allow LibChat to display these notifications in your browser.
    • To disable notifications, you will need to modify your browser's settings:
      • Google Chrome
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Safari for Mac
      • Microsoft Edge: either click on the lock icon in the URL bar, or go to Settings > View Advanced Settings > Website permissions and click the Manage button.
      • Internet Explorer does not support desktop notifications.

Note: the Notifications options also include a setting for you to enable the View chats in Multi Chat Overlay option -- a pop-out view for your chat messages.

Notifications settings

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