How to claim tickets from the LibChat dashboard

From the Tickets tab, you can view and claim tickets that arrive in the queues you're monitoring. This includes tickets submitted via a question form or email.

When you're on a different tab (such as the Chats tab) and a new ticket arrives, a red indicator dot will appear in the Tickets tab (you'll also receive notifications if you have them enabled in your settings).

The Tickets tab with the red dot indicator displaying

Claiming tickets

Under the Patron Tickets section, you'll see a list of the tickets that arrived in the queues you're monitoring. At a glance, you'll be able to see the ticket's question, the time it was received, who (if anyone) answered it, and its queue & source.

  1. Question form and email tickets will have an envelope icon (). Click on a ticket to view more details, including data from custom question form fields and the user agent information.
  2. If the ticket has not yet been claimed, you will have the option to claim it right from the dashboard (this will open the ticket in a new window).

Viewing and claiming a ticket from the dashboard

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