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Add, edit, and view a user's group member affiliation

When adding or editing a user account in a shared group system, the Group Member Affiliation indicates the group that user belongs to. Each user's affiliation will display in the Group Member column of the Admin > Manage Accounts page.

  1. Click on the Group Member column to sort it by affiliation.
  2. You can use the Search box to filter the list of users by keyword. This includes text found in the Group Member column, allowing you to filter the list by group name.

The Manage Accounts page showing the Group Member column

Editing a user's group affiliation

  1. When adding a new user account, you can select the user's group from the Group Member Affiliation dropdown.

The Group Member Affiliation field under the Create a New Account tab

  1. You can also edit an existing user account at any time to edit the user's group member affiliation.

The Group Member Affiliation field on a user's Manage Account page

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