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Add or remove group admin permissions for a Regular user in a shared group system

By default, only Admin-level users can add or remove a user from a group in a shared group system. However, Admins have the ability to designate Regular-level users as Admins just for their group. Regular users with this permission will be able to:

  • Add, view, and manage their group's policy FAQs
  • Leave feedback on transcripts for chats originating from their group's widget(s) that were answered by a co-op
  • Delete transcripts for chats originating from their group's widget(s)
  • Create new accounts for their group only
  • Edit accounts belonging to their group
    • Note that group Admins can make other Regular users group Admins -- but cannot make them system-level Admins.
    • Group Admins also cannot add or move users to other groups.
  • Delete accounts belonging to their group

Adding Group Admin permission for a Regular user

  1. When creating a new user account, or editing an existing one, select the Group Admin checkbox below the Group Member Affiliation dropdown.
  2. If you also want this user to be able to add/edit policy FAQs for their group, scroll down to the Group Access section of the page and assign them Editor or Admin permission for that group.
    • Editor permission allows a user to add and edit their own FAQs in the group.
    • Admin permission allows a user to also edit and delete all FAQs in the group, not just their own.
  3. Save your changes.

The Group Admin checkbox and Group Access options for FAQ groups

How can I tell which users are Group Admins?

When browsing the Admin > Accounts page, each Group Admin user will display "(Admin)" in the Group Member column.

Account displaying the Admin indicator in the Group Member column

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