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FAQs: Make bulk changes

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Every so often you may need to make the same change to a whole bunch of FAQs. Rather than going through every FAQ one-by-one-by-one, admin account holders (and regular accounts with Editor or Admin-level group permissions) can make bulk updates to FAQs right from the Knowledge Base Explorer!

  1. Go to Answers > FAQ Entries.
Making bulk FAQ changes in the Knowledge Base Explorer, part 1
  1. To select multiple FAQs in the Knowledge Base Explorer, click on the checkbox in the Id column for each FAQ.
    1. Or, select all FAQs on the page by clicking the Toggle All on Page checkbox.
  2. Choose what bulk action you want to make from the Action dropdown.
    • Change Group: this will reassign the selected FAQs to a different group. Note that you can only select from groups you have access to edit.
    • Change Status: this will change the publishing status of the selected FAQs (i.e. Published or Unpublished).
      • Note: FAQs are indexed hourly, so it can take up to 1 hour for newly published FAQs to appear in your site's search results and the same for unpublished FAQs to no longer appear in search results.
  3. Additional options will appear below the Action dropdown. This will allow you to choose the new status or group to apply to the selected FAQs.
  4. Click the Apply button to complete the bulk action.
Making bulk FAQ changes in the Knowledge Base Explorer