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Our guides aren't showing up via the LTI Automagic tool! Why not?

There are a few reasons guides (or subjects or courses) may not appear when using the LTI tool in your Learning Management / Courseware System (LMS) (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace / D2L, Moodle, Sakai, etc.). There are some things that are fixable and some that are designed to work that way. ;)

Read through the whole list before you check your systems, as you may need to check several areas of a guide to see why it's not appearing via LTI.

Did you add the metadata? And is it the right metadata?

Hey, we all do stuff like this, right? You know you need to add it, you've added a bunch...but you missed one or two! This one is a simple fix: add the metadata & test it out.

You'll also want to check to ensure:

  • You added the right metadata "name" - double check what you have in the LTI setup area and what you have in the guide itself. If the metadata "name" doesn't exactly match the name entered in your Automagic setup, the Automagic tool will ignore the field.
  • You added the right metadata "value" to match the course(s) in your LMS. If it doesn't match at least the beginning portion of the value from the LMS, the guide will not appear via the Automagic tool.

Guide Settings Which Cause Guides to NOT Appear via LTI:

  • Guide Status = Unpublished, Private
  • Guide Type = Internal, Template
  • Group = A group that has a type of Internal

E-Reserves Settings Which Cause Courses to NOT Appear via LTI:

  • The Term associated with the course has dates in the past or future.

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