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Do you allow wildcard searching using LTI Automagic? Our course numbers have semester info at the beginning and we don't want to add that to our metadata.

We don't allow for wildcard searching, but we still have a solution!

Submit a ticket asking us to add a regex for x characters for your LTI Automagic tool.

The "regex" (or regular expression) will remove x inumber of characters at the beginning of the string. It needs to be a consistent number for this to work.

For example, let's say your course numbers look like 2018FA.HIS1000.01.JONES. You'd request a regex that removes 7 characters.

Once that's in place, the LTI Automagic tool will initially search on HIS1000.01.JONES instead of 2018FA.HIS1000.01.JONES. If it doesn't find any matches, it'll remove the last character and run it again, so it will search on: HIS1000.01.JONE. It will continue in that way, removing a character from the end, until it either finds a match or exhausts the string (i.e., there are no matches).

The other option you have, of course, is to use the Translation Table functionality. You'll need to upload a new file each semester, but you can keep the same metadata in LibGuides.

Please note: each site can have only one regex pattern applied at a time, so please be sure that the pattern you request will cover all of your needs.

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