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Add or edit a Primo search source

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Use the Primo search source to provide users with search results from your Ex Libris Primo system. Please note that Primo is currently only available for use as a search source from within LibGuides. Support for Primo as a LibAnswers Search source is forthcoming.

  1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: please contact Ex Libris to confirm that you have access to the Primo API and have been added to their API routing table.
  2. From the LibApps dashboard, go to Admin > Search Sources.
  3. Click the  Add Search Source button to create a new search source, or click an existing source's Edit Source () icon in the Actions column to edit it.

configuring a Primo search source step 1

  1. On the Add/Edit Search Source page, select "Primo" as the Source Type.
  2. Enter a Name for your search source. This will appear on the search results page.
    • For the Tabbed search layout, it will display as the name of the tab.
    • For the Bento search layout, it will display as the title of the bento box.
  3. Optionally, you can enter a Description for your search source. This will appear above the search results.
  4. Configure the Primo API Settings. If you are unsure of any of these settings/values, or you are not sure where to find them, please check Ex Libris' Brief Search API documentation or contact their support team for assistance.
    1. Region: The region your institution is in. Choose from America, Europe, Asia Pacific, or Canada.
    2. Primo API Key: Obtained from Ex Libris.
    3. Primo View ID: Obtained from Ex Libris.
    4. Scope: Enter the value of the search scope to use. If left blank, default_scope will be used.
    5. Primo Tab Name: Enter the name of the Primo tab to search. If left blank, default_tab will be used.
  5. Click Save.

configuring a Primo search source step 2