What is LibAuth?

LibAuth allows you to integrate your institution's authentication system with LibApps. This not only provides library staff with an additional option for logging into LibApps, but it also allows you to require patron authentication in your Springy tools.


You can require patron authentication in various parts of LibCal, giving you the peace of mind that only valid patrons are able to use your services. It also helps ensure that you are recording accurate patron information, as well. If you use SAML, Shibboleth, ADFS, or CAS, you can also use groups to further restrict access to certain spaces, equipment, etc.

  • Registering for events
  • Booking rooms/spaces and equipment
  • Scheduling appointments in Appointments


If you have LibGuides CMS, you can add LibAuth access rules to your system. These can be used to restrict access to individual guides, groups, or your entire site. This will require users to authenticate before accessing the restricted content. If you are using a SAML/Shibboleth/ADFS or CAS configuration, you can also apply any of your LibAuth group permissions to an access rule to further restrict access (i.e. a staff-only guide or group).

If you subscribe to the E-Reserves module, you can also require patron user authentication for viewing E-Reserves course content. This can be enabled system-wide, or for individual courses. If you use SAML/Shibboleth/ADFS, or CAS, you can even restrict access to certain courses to only certain groups of users.


If you are using SAML/Shibboleth/ADFS, CAS, or LDAP, you have the option of using LibAuth to log into your LibApps system. For this to work:

  • You must release the email attribute to LibAuth from your authentication system.
  • Users must have a LibApps account in the system using the same email address they use to log into your authentication system.

If a person's email addresses do not match, they can always update their LibApps account's email address on the My Account page. LibApps admins also have the ability to update email addresses from Admin > Manage Accounts (this has to be done via the LibApps dashboard -- not from each individual app).

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